PocketSmith (US) Now Live On Awin!

Written by samantha.smith on . Posted in Program Launches

PocketSmith is an online money manager that puts you in the driver's seat with a clear and continuous view of your past, present, and future finances. With PocketSmith you can manage your budgets and plan for your future up to 30 years in advance. PocketSmith connects to over 14,000 banks worldwide to automatically download and categorize transactions from your bank, credit card and loan accounts. It sorts and analyses your financial activity without the need for manual tracking. Think of it as a contemporary accounting application that is tuned for your personal finances.    
The benefits of joining the PocketSmith (US) program:
  • Great conversion rates and high customer satisfaction
  • 3 billing regions and pay $10 commission relative to the billing currency
  • Commissions will be paid in US$ and therefore commissions may sometimes vary depending on the location of referral
  • If referrals pay in US$ then you will get US $10
  • If referrals pay in AU$ then you will get US $7
  • If referrals pay in NZ$ then you will get US $6.50
If you have any questions about the affiliate program, please contact the PocketSmith Account Manager, Natalie.

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