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Happy Valentine's Day & New iBook & Kindle App

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AirTurn Pedals Work with

iBook & Kindle!

It's that time of the year when love is in the air. You'll also find it in AirTurn. Are you looking for the perfect gift idea? Does the person you love read books on their Kindle or iBook? Do they need help turning pages while in the kitchen and their hands are busy making your favorite dish? My Dad uses his PED while he cooks new recipes all the time! 

Just in time for Valentine's Day, AirTurn is now compatible with iBooksand The Kindle  and any other app that allows you to swipe pages. By simply adding a new switch under settings, you can turn pages and "Move to Next Item" without ever touching your screen. Pick up a gift certificate today and surprise the one you love.

Or maybe it's time you treat yourself to something nice...

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Newzik is the new sheet music reader app on iPad and iPhone that allows all musicians to read and manage PDFs, Lyrics and Chords and MusicXML scores as well as audio and video files. Import, organize, transpose, annotate, synchronize and of course... turn the page with your AirTurn pedal.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at any time. 

Thank you,

Dave Tamkin    

Have You Heard
Miguel Hernandez?
Miguel Hernandez was born in San Cristóbal, Venezuela, and resides in Miami - Florida. He has been categorized as one of the best venezuelan drummers. He has paved his own way, winning over some of the most exponential jazz, pop, latin rock and fusion music drummers in the industry.
In 2012, he graduated and got his Bachelors in Biblical Art Musicals with a focus on Instrumental Execution on Drums. In 2013, he launched his first discographic production from MIGUEL HERNÁNDEZ PROJECT, titled“Afrovenezuelan Jazz Standards”.



Hot Titles for July & August from

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Summer is upon us and Lonely Planet has some exciting new releases available. Our July titles are now in stock and the eBook versions are available to download. These titles (which include our best-selling Thailand and Vietnam guides) are available at our online shop before any other retailer so get your hands on them early! July releases   Thailand travel guide - $29.99,  eBook $20.99 Friendly and fun-loving, exotic and tropical, cultured and historic, Thailand radiates a golden hue from its glittering temples and tropical beaches to the ever-comforting Thai smile. 8663-Thailand_travel_guide               Deeplink:!!!id!!!&clickref=&     Vietnam travel guide - $27.99, eBook $19.59 Astonishingly exotic and utterly compelling, Vietnam is a country of breathtaking natural beauty with a heritage that quickly becomes addictive. 8682-Vietnam_travel_guide             Deeplink:!!!id!!!&clickref=&         Myanmar country guide - $29.99, eBook $20.99 Now is the moment to visit this extraordinary land, scattered with gilded pagodas, where the traditional ways of Asia endure and areas that were previously off-limits are opening up. Myanmar__Burma__travel_guide           Deeplink:!!!id!!!&clickref=&         Thailand's Islands & Beaches travel guide - $24.99, eBook $17.49 Bays of peach-tinged sand, hammocks swinging between palm trees, castle-like karsts emerging from the deep; these dreams of a tropical paradise become reality along southern Thailand’s coasts. Thailand_s_Islands Beaches_travel_guide           Deeplink:!!!id!!!&clickref=&         Mongolia travel guide - $29.99, eBook $20.89 With vast scenery, a hospitable nomadic culture, the spectacular Naadam festival and the legacy of Chinggis Khaan, rough-and-ready Mongolia remains one of the world's last great adventure destinations. Mongolia_travel_guide           Deeplink:!!!id!!!&clickref=&         Mallorca travel guide - $21.99, eBook $15.39 The ever-popular star of the Mediterranean, Mallorca has a big sunny personality thanks to its ravishing beaches, remote mountains and soulful hill towns. 8731-Mallorca_travel_guide           Deeplink:!!!id!!!&clickref=&         August releases These are now available to pre-order however the eBook versions can be downloaded immediately. Titles include Argentina, Cambodia, New York, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & Northern Thailand and Southeast Asia on a Shoestring guides. Visit for all our latest releases and more! Don’t forget our offer of 3 for 2 books across all formats, plus free delivery on orders over $40.