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WIN $200 Worth of AirTurn Gear!

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WIN $200 Worth of New Gear!

Sign up this week to WIN a unique collection of AirTurn gear that will give you the freedom to perform more efficiently at your next gig.

Take control of your tablet with a tap of your foot. Turn digital sheet music, lyrics and set lists on your favorite apps. The MANOS Universal Tablet holder will hold everything from your smart phone to an iPad Pro. The portable goSTAND compacts down to 18" and will fit in your backpack. Check out more information on this awesome prize below.

A Flute, A Duo & Gina Luciani Walk into a Performance

Flutist Gina Luciani has a diverse career in music that includes recording for film and television soundtracks, and live performances as well as international sponsorships through her prominent social media following. She has collaborated with legendary artists such as Paul Coletti, James Conlon, Danny Elfman, Michael Giacchino, James Newton Howard, Sir Neville Marriner, Ronald Leonard, David Newman, and John Williams

More Gina Luciani HERE
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QUAD for the Android Lovers

Have you seen how many Android apps our pedals and hand held controllers are compatible with? Your readers can use AirTurn devices for teleprompter apps, guitar tabs, digital book apps, tuners, backing tracks, video camera sections, edits and more.

Android Apps HERE

smartChord is a FREE Android app for all musicians – from beginners to professionals. In addition to more than one million chords and fingerings, smartChord offers a lot of features from tuners, metronome, scales, arpeggios, reverse chord finder, ear training and more.


Fall Into Deals with AirTurn

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AirTurn Digit III: Your Mobile Video and Photo Assistant

How many times have you needed to set-up your phone or tablet to take a photo or video and have had no good solution? How many group photos have just never happened because there was no way to take the photo? The AirTurn Digit III is distinguished by its multi-functionality and ability to complete many different tasks, but more than that, its ability to complete tasks like taking photos and videos exceptionally well.

  • Group Photos
  • DIY Videos
  • Be Your Own Photographer
  • Record Lectures and Concerts
  • Utilize the goSTAND & MANOS Universal Tablet Holder

Share our latest article featuring the DIGIT III with your readers and fans and add your affiliate link. Check out our newest DIGIT III video below as well. Perfect for the photographers in your life.

Read the DIGIT III Article HERE

Increase Commissions this Week!

Every month we try to offer new ways to introduce AirTurn solutions to your readers. In addition to the new articles we will be releasing, here are a few promotions to share with your readers that are good from now until OCT 31st!

Save with Bundles HERE

QUAD for the Android Lovers

Have you seen how many Android apps our pedals and hand held controllers are compatible with? Your readers can use AirTurn devices for teleprompter apps, guitar tabs, digital book apps, tuners, backing tracks, video camera sections, edits and more. See below for a full list!

Android Apps HERE
AirTurn Digit III: Video and Photo Remote Control
The Digit III is an affordable and portable device for wirelessly controlling your iOS device whether you're taking videos, giving presentations, or capturing performances.
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HUGE Guitar Strap Sale!

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CAMERA       |        GUITAR        |        PET       |          ACCESSORIES      |        SPECIALS
Did Someone Say Guitar Strap Sale?
That's music to our ears! We got this!
Save 30%, 50% and even 70% off some of our most popular guitar straps!
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Save BIG on all guitar straps! 
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Sale starts at midnight tonight and ends 8/27/17!
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AirTurn Introduces the New PEDpro, New Artists & eBook

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Introducing AirTurn's New PEDpro!

The PEDpro is ready to go to work as soon as you take it out of the box. Just connect to your Bluetooth 4.0 phone, tablet or computer and select a compatible app to control your device hands free! No more purchasing batteries as the PEDpro comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts 150 hours on a charge and will recharge with a standard wall charger that comes with your phone or tablet. For the customer who wants more control over response times, repeat functions, or would like to customize their own signals, the AirTurn Manager for iOS can adjust all this over the air. Need to update the firmware down the road? You can do that too!


• The PEDpro works with hundreds of apps for reading music, scrolling lyrics or guitar tabs, teleprompting, slide presentations, instrument effects or media control, and many more.** • Configurations are also available for assistive technology and desktop applications. • Two silent foot switches for fast and quiet response. • Six easy to change modes for different uses - PED App Direct mode available with many apps supports the full virtual keyboard in iOS. • Bluetooth status LED & low battery status LED. • Custom programming available with free MAC Utility app. • Light weight, thin profile - less than .7” (1.9cm) tall. -  Easy to carry 4” x 6” (10x15cm). • Lithium Polymer battery lasts 150 hours on a charge. • One year warranty (battery also) includes phone and email support. Free Ground Shipping in the Continental US! *iPAD 3 and newer, Galaxy 4 and newer and all tablets and computers supporting Bluetooth 4.0.
** for a complete listing of available apps

Paper to Pixels

Getting Started with Digital Sheet Music 
Here is an excerpt from Hugh Sung's book Paper to Pixels : Chapter 4 Let's get down to business. You are nervous, a little daunted, but nonetheless convinced that it’s time to go digital. Been there, done that, so I think I know what questions you’re probably asking right now. – Which tablet, smart phone or computer is right for me? – How do I get music into my device? – What programs do I need? – Besides a tablet, smartphone or computer, what other equipment will I need? – Given the rate at which technology changes, how can I be sure that the equipment I invest in won’t be obsolete within a few years? Let’s address the last question first... Read the rest of the chapter HERE
AirTurn Affiliates, please swing by your account and check out the new banners for the new PEDpro and newly priced PED. We're happy to make any custom banners you may need as well. Email me at if you have any questions.
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goSTAND On The Go

Meet Full Time Musician: Ben Hammond
National touring artist, Ben Hammond has been active in the studio, producing 3 full length albums (10,000 independently sold and counting), multiple music videos, and a live concert DVD "Solo at Stone Mountain Arts Center". Thousands of shows later at hundreds of venues, festivals and private events, Hammond has honed his smooth, energetic style and is one of the most sought after musicians in those places he's called home.
Basically, my wife and I share a car, and so I have been taking public transit to some of my gigs that have a PA installed. I've got a great little portable setup with a rolling suitcase, but the missing piece was the mic stand, and the goSTAND was the perfect solution. I like using a goose-neck, and generally I have an iPad holder near the top and also a little arm bar that comes off to hold my small Rolls amp. Now, with the portable goSTAND, I can take planes, trains or automobiles and have everything I need for my gig. - Ben Hammond