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Is it back to school season already? We can’t believe it either! In lieu of cracking the books back open, we have created a Back to School Promotional Guide for your readers. Whether they are prepping their kids for the back to school grind, preparing a classroom for their future students, or getting ready to move into a college dorm, our advertisers have them covered with great, affordable promotions. From supplies all the way to game tickets, your shoppers will feel ready to tackle yet another year! Not already working with Affiliate Window? Join now!


AlexandAlexa, Office Supply, and Paperchase are offering school supplies for any age! The right materials make for an easier transition into the classroom and exclusive metallic markers will turn any frown upside down. Along with the fun from supplies, there is also a fun surprise! From now until August 20th, Office Supply has some great back to school freebies. OfficeSupply Promotion: Free 12 pack Canary Post-Its with $50 order Code: CANARY Expires: 08/20/2014 Link:!!!id!!! Promotion: Free Erasers with Purchase of Pencils Code: FRERASER Expires: 08/20/2014 Link:!!!id!!! *** Don’t forget to replace !!!id!!! with your affiliate ID *** B2S Accessories   Polyvore

1.      Notebook | 2. Metallic Markers | 3. Five Star Notebook | 4. Calculator


AlexandAlexa have the perfect backpacks built to carry everything that a busy school day requires. They have bags fit for fashionistas, athletes, and animal lovers. These packs are built to be comfortable and guaranteed to last the year! B2S Backpacks   Polyvore

1.      Monkey | 2. Pink Satchel | 3. Puma

If your readers have a little edge in their taste or want to show off their sense of humour, Spencer’s Gifts is the shop for them. They have an awesome selection of backpacks that will ensure individuality as well as display your shopper’s personality.

 B2S Backpacks   Polyvore2

1.            Adventure Time | 2. Batman | 3. Neon Tiger Stripe


AlexandAlexa sell adorable, quirky accessories for both boys and girls alike. Offer your readers the necessities their children need for a productive yet stylish day of school! B2S Girl Accessories   Polyvore

1.      Hello Kitty Water Bottle | 2. Moustache Purse | 3. Pencil Case | 4. Cupcake Notepad

B2S Accessories boy   Polyvore

1.  Bookmarks | 2. Robot Pencil Sharpener | 3. Lego Stationary Set

Young Girl & Boy Fashion

Lord & Taylor have a great back to school boutique to shop from! The fashion is kid-approved and come in a multitude of styles and colors for your readers to choose from. If your shoppers are looking for a more formal style of children school wear, Next is the direction you want to guide them in. With boot cut slacks and V-neck cardigans, their child will look polished and professional for their school days!

B2S Fashion Girls   Polyvore1.  Elephant Top | 2. Floral Jeans | 3. Sandals | 4. Heart Top | 5. Jeans

6.  White Leather Shoes | 7. Pink Mary-Janes

 B2S Boy   Polyvore

1.      Ralph Lauren Tee | 2. Yoda Top | 3. Lacoste Shorts | 4. Sneakers | 5. High Tops



If your readers are on the lookout for original, playful ways to transport their kid’s lunch to school, they should look no farther than AlexandAlexa. The styles are a perfect combination of practical and adorable, causing them to easily be the coolest lunch boxes on the playground.

 B2S Lunch boxes   Polyvore

1.      Pink Dog | 2. Dinosaur | 3. Meal Case | 4. Robot


After School Sports & Activities

No matter the after school activity, AlexandAlexa have your readers taken care of throughout their process of selecting gear and accessories. With brand names like Under Armour, your shoppers will find exactly the style that perfectly suits their little ones.

 B2S afterschool   Polyvore

1.      Swim Goggles | 2. Ballet Skirt | 3. Skateboard | 4. Tennis Skort | 5. Leotard

 B2S after school boy   Polyvore

1.      Compression Shorts | 2. Skateboard | 3. Compression Top | 4. Helmet


Dorm Room

Spencer’s Gifts have the most wanted dorm and apartment room accessories for college students. Your readers will have awesome posters to decorate their bare walls as well as unique table lighting to make their dorm room one of a kind. For a limited time, Spencer’s is offering 20% off one item! Don’t let your shoppers miss out! Spencer’s Gifts Offer: 20% off one item Code: SUMMER Expires: 08/17/2014 Link:!!!id!!! *** Don’t forget to replace !!!id!!! with your affiliate ID ***

 B2S dorm   Polyvore

1.      Glass Boot | 2. Beatles Poster | 3. Lava Lamp


Young Adult Women & Men

Finding that flawless outfit to wear on the first day of school can be tough! However, fear not, for Nasty Gal will have your readers covered from head to toe with trendy, edgy pieces. With FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75, your shoppers will find the perfect look that is stylish, yet still comfortable for the classroom. In order to pull the whole look together, Accessorize have some of the best essentials to choose from. With an added bonus, they are also offering FREE SHIPPING with no minimum purchase required! They have a variety of purses, sandals, and jewelry to complete your shopper’s jaw-dropping ensemble! B2S W   Polyvore

1.      Sandals | 2. Bag | 3. Top | 4. Kimono

  Dr. Jay’s and Superdry also have amazing promotions to help your readers get a jump start on their back to school looks! Dr. Jays Offer: Take 15% off your order Expires: 08/01/204 Link:!!!id!!! Offer: Take 20% off your order of $75 or more Expires: 08/01/2014 Link:!!!id!!! Superdry Offer: Summer Sale! Up to 50% off selected offers Expires: 08/20/2014 Link:!!!id!!! *** Don’t forget to replace !!!id!!! with your affiliate ID *** B2S M   Polyvore

1.      Watch | 2. Shoes | 3. Shirt | 4. Backpack | 5. Chinos


Teacher Fashion Women & Men

Teachers are the first person that a child sees when they enter the classroom each day. With outfits from Lord & Taylor and TMLewin, teacher’s will be able to rock their stylish, professional clothing throughout the halls at school. As an added bonus on top of already fantastic clothing, Lord & Taylor is offering FREE SHIPPING on orders of $99 or more! B2S Teacher   Polyvore

1.      Necklace | 2. Blazer | 3. Dress

  T. M. Lewin have some great deals up their oxford sleeve as well. For a limited time, inform your readers of these savings and promotions to make sure they don’t miss out! T.M. Lewin Offer: $10 off orders of $75 or more Code: TMLUSFD Expires: 08/04/2014 Link:!!!id!!!   Offer: 10% off Code: TMLUSTEN Expires: 08/04/2014 Link:!!!id!!! *** Don’t forget to replace !!!id!!! with your affiliate ID *** B2S Teacher M   Polyvore

1.  Button Down | 2. Tie | 3. Messenger Bag


Teacher Supplies

Decorating a classroom with a theme that engages their student’s creativity and imagination is a goal that all teachers have. OfficeSupply will be your reader’s one stop shop this year for creating the best room possible for their learners. From bulletin boards to cut out letters, they will be able to watch their students eyes open with enthusiasm as they explore their exciting, new learning space!

 B2S sup   Polyvore

1.      Welcome Sign | 2. Bulletin Board Set | 3. Letters


College Games

Whether your readers are college students or alumni parents, let them know about PrimeSport’s one of a kind ticket deals. College Football Tickets:!!!id!!!&clickref=& Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game Tickets:!!!id!!!&clickref=& *** Don’t forget to replace !!!id!!! with your affiliate ID ***

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