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Hi All,

TrustedHousesitters will be offering 25% discount off sitter, owner and combined memberships for the Black Friday period (running from Friday 24th - Tuesday 28th November 2017). This offer is avaliable in all markets and will be live 12 hours either side of GMT to cover different timezones.  

Details of the offer below:  


Promotion: 25% off owner, sitter and combined membership

Markets: Global

Dates: Friday 24th November - Tuesday 28th November 2017

Promo Code: BLACKFRIDAY25  

We are also offering 24 lifetime memberships during this period. Each hour one new member will have a lifetime membership granted to them.  

The offer has now been set up in Awin but please don't promote until Friday 24th. Creative will be uploaded one week before the promotion.  

For further details or any specific creative requests please email me on  



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