Empower Finance (US) Now Live On Awin!

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Empower Finance (US) is your Smart Financial Assistant that watches your money 24/7, helps you make smart financial decisions and look for savings. The Empower app (iTunes, Google Play) does that by aggregating your financial accounts, including checking, savings, credit card, investment accounts, AND cryptocurrencies and turn a stream of confusing information into actionable advice for your money. We save users real money by advising them which bills they can negotiate, whether they should switch their insurance, or consolidate their debt.
Join the Empower Finance (US) program today!  
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The benefits of joining the Empower Finance (US) program:
  • $3 flat payout for each app download/install
  • 30 day cookies
  • Strong conversion rates
  • Dedicated Affiliate Management
If you have any questions about the affiliate program, please contact the Empower Finance Account Manager, Charlotte, or contact Phuong from the Empower Finance Team.

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