now offering Payday Loans in British Columbia

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Money Mart is proud to announce that we now offer online payday loans for residents of British Columbia!  This is in addition to the other provinces where this service is already currently available:  Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia, and Saskastchewan. Online payday loans offer customers access to funds needed to cover unexpected expenses.  The application for an online payday loan is available 24/7, after stores and banks close.  The service is confidential and can be done entirely online. The Money Mart online payday loan program can be very lucrative as we convert a solid percentage of our customers and are constantly testing new optimization methods to increase this ratio.  Our website offers a vast amount of financial educational information, including video, to help potential customers feel at ease. Money Mart celebrated its 30 Year anniversary in 2012.  This trustworthiness helps us achieve higher conversion rates than the “fly-by-night” online payday loan websites. We offer a very competitive $75 payout for affiliate leads and are actively recruiting new affiliate partners.  Great monthly volume can increase that payout to $90/funded loan.  Join Money Mart today!

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