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AirTurn 4th of July Freedom to Perform Sale

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Celebrate Your New Tablet Controller & Holder this 4th of July Weekend! Step 1. Check out The AirTurn PED on our Bluetooth Controller Page. We lowered the price of The PED to $59!  This sleek Bluetooth pedal controls your tablet, PC, smartphone. Take control of your music, presentations, recipes, books and more! Add it to your shopping cart on our AirTurn store. Step 2. Visit our Tablet Holder Page and pick out either the MANOS Universal Tablet Holder with or without the sidekick mount. The durable universal tablet holder can handle every tablet size from the 13" iPad Pro to your smartphone. The MANOS can screw to the top of your microphone stand or mount to the side of your mic stand when you buy the MANOS Tablet Holder with Side Mount
Step 3. Use code: AIR4 at checkout & receive 50% OFF  the MANOS Universal Tablet Holder when you buy The AirTurn PED. This offer is good from Friday, June 30th through Tuesday, July 4th!


Bluetooth Remote Control for Tablets, Phones & Computers

The Digit III gives you control of your tablets, phones and computers from a distance. Navigate presentations from the palm of your hand. Take selfies or group photos from across the room. Control your media player apps from any room in the house, office or studio. The Digit III attaches to your keychain with a rechargeable battery full of 150 hours of continuous use.

Please let us know if we can answer any questions by emailing us at 
Thank you for being a part of the AirTurn family!


Do You Want a $25 Amazon Gift Card?

We want to see your best pictures and videos of you using AirTurn pedals, goSTANDs, tablet holders while practicing, performing or presenting! Please send your pictures and videos to

We'll review them all and let you know if we want to use them for our social posts, posters or newsletters! We'll also share any websites or music with each featured picture we use. If we use your picture or video we'll send you a $25 Amazon Gift Card! We look forward to see how you showcase your freedom to perform!