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Save $25 and Decorate your Kids Room this Week with Fathead!

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Get $25 off your REAL BIG purchase this week! The Fathead Affiliate Program allows you to go BIG on your website, by earning REAL. BIG. commissions when you feature REAL. BIG. Fathead Wall Graphics! Fathead wall graphics are life-size, hi-def, removable and repositionable wall graphics of your favorite college and professional sports team athletes and logos and entertainment characters. Fathead is ideal for a wide variety of websites including, but not limited to, sport and fan sites, gift sites, party sites, home decor sites and lifestyle sites. Join the Fathead program on Affiliate Window today!

Edward: Assassin's Creed IV Fathead Wall Decal Price: $99.99 Tracking Link:!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=/entertainment/assassins-creed/assassins-creed-4-edward/?src=browse

Connor: Assassin's Creed IV Fathead Wall Decal Price: $99.99 Tracking Link:!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=/entertainment/assassins-creed/assassins-creed-4-connor/?src=browse

Legacy Mural: Assassin's Creed IV Fathead Wall Decal Price: $99.99 Tracking Link:!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=/entertainment/assassins-creed/assassins-creed-4-legacy-mural/?src=browse

Edward & Blackbeard Duo Mural: Assassin's Creed IV Fathead Wall Decal Price: $99.99 Tracking Link:!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=/entertainment/assassins-creed/assassins-creed-4-edward-and-blackbeard-duo-mural/?src=browse

Ezio: Assassin's Creed IV Fathead Wall Decal Price: $99.99 Tracking Link:!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=/entertainment/assassins-creed/ezio-assassins-creed-4/?src=browse

Pirate Group Mural: Assassin's Creed IV Fathead Wall Decal Price: $99.99 Tracking Link:!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=/entertainment/assassins-creed/assassins-creed-4-pirate-group-mural/?src=browse

One Direction Collection Fathead Wall Decal Price: $99.99 Tracking Link:!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=/entertainment/one-direction/one-direction-collection-wall-graphic/?src=browse

Harry Styles: One Direction Fathead Wall Decal Price: $99.99 Tracking Link:!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=/entertainment/one-direction/harry-styles-one-direction-wall-graphic/?src=browse

Grave Digger Fathead Wall Decal Price: $99.99 Tracking Link:!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=/entertainment/monster-trucks/grave-digger/?src=browse

My Little Pony Collection Fathead Wall Decal Price: $99.99 Tracking Link:!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=/entertainment/my-little-pony/my-little-pony-collection/?src=browse

Niall Horan: One Direction Fathead Wall Decal Price: $99.99 Tracking Link:!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=/entertainment/one-direction/niall-horan-one-direction-wall-graphic/?src=browse

Death Star Fathead Wall Decal Price: $99.99 Tracking Link:!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=/entertainment/star-wars/death-star/?src=browse

Buy one get one 50% OFF at Mattel Shop!

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Amazing limited time offer from Mattel Shop!  Buy one get one 50% off!

Mattel is the leading toy company because they continue to create "The World's Premier Toy Brands - Today and Tomorrow." Their vision has enabled them to create iconic toys that people remember forever. At Mattel you can find all your favorite toys instantly! Find toys, dolls, games, action figures and brand names like Barbie, Fisher-Price, Disney, Hot Wheels and more.   Buy one get one 50% OFF at Mattel Shop! Valid on ALL full-priced merchandise! Some brand exclusions apply. Use code: BOGO50. Expires 1/27/13. Shop Now! Link:!!!id!!!&clickref=& Reminder, change !!!id!!! to your Affiliate Window ID number to ensure proper tracking.   Join the Mattel Shop's affiliate program and enjoy a 4% commission on a 30 day cookie.  

Precious Moments Canada is Live on Affiliate Window!!

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  Creator Sam Butcher began drawing the endearing teardrop-eye children he called "Precious Moments" as gifts for family and friends 30 years ago. The Precious Moments affiliate program is a great way to earn commissions on everything in the Precious Moments online shop from figurines to precious moment wedding collectibles, religious collectibles to anniversary gifts, angel figurines to Disney collectibles and more!! Be sure to sign up for the Precious Moments affiliate program and start earning today!!   Precious Moments is suitable for gift and art sites as well as many more. Publishers are provided with an assortment of banners, text links, and a data feed. Precious Moments offers a 12% commission and a 30 day cookie!       Questions? Contact the Account Manager, Morgan Foland to learn more about the affiliate program!