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SkipTheDishes (Canada) Affiliate Program Now Live On Awin!

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SkipTheDishes is Canada’s leading — and North America’s fastest-growing — food delivery company, using technology to make great food more accessible. Through the Skip network, 10,000+ restaurants in 70+ cities gain more business, food couriers earn extra income on their own schedule, and busy customers get the food they want, delivered.
Join the SkipTheDishes Affiliate Program today!
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The benefits of joining the SkipTheDishes Affiliate Program:
  • 2% commission for each sale
  • 30 day cookies
  • High converting website
  • Dedicated Affiliate Management
If you have any questions about the affiliate program, please contact the SkipTheDishes Account Manager, Trey, or contact Autumn from the SkipTheDishes Team.

Lillypost (Canada) Now Live On Awin!

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Lillypost is the #1 way for parents to discover new books that their little ones will love every month, for up to 50% off of regular retail prices. Not only do we provide our customers with heart-warming reading experiences with their littles at amazing prices, but we also donate a book to a child in need for every box delivered. In total, we've donated over 20,000+ books!
Join the Lillypost (Canada) program today!
The benefits of joining the Lillypost Canada program:
  • You'll be joining a program that is growing exponentially!
  • $20 CAD payouts per transaction.
  • Access to the internal marketing team for support.
  • Access to world-class design team for email + banner support.
  • Extra rewards for top-performing Affiliate Partners.
If you have any questions about the affiliate program, please contact the Lillypost Account Manager, Charlotte, or contact Ceci from the Lillypost Team.

20% OFF Thanksgiving Weekend with AirTurn

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Huge Savings Thanksgiving Weekend!
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Are You Ready for More Commissions?

We want to see you make more commissions from promoting AirTurn this holiday season. Starting on WED, NOV 22nd you can start promoting coupon: AIRTURKEY and give your fans and readers 20% OFF the entire store until midnight on Cyber Monday, NOV 27th!

You can swing by your affiliate account and pick up new banners and text links to start building out your advertising campaigns today. If you need anything unique, please reach out to me as soon as possible so we can build that for you this week.  

Buy One Get One Half OFF?

On Saturday, NOV 25th, we'll be promoting 25% OFF the new DIGIT III. You can promote this deal all weekend long as code DIGIT25 goes live on WED, NOV 22nd. This is a $20 savings for everyone wanting to control their tablet, smartphone or computer to take pictures, turn pages, move slides or trigger any Bluetooth compatible actions by hand.


On Black Friday we will be featuring all our DUO and PEDpro wireless Bluetooth pedals. Code AIRTURKEY will give your fans and readers 20% OFF  Save $20 on the DUO

Save $14 on the PEDpro

AirTurn PEDpro
Video Helps to Keep Your Readers Engaged. Share this today!
Please let me know if I can answer any questions by emailing me at Thank you for being a part of the AirTurn family!

20% OFF Your New Tablet Holder!

How are your readers using their tablets? Are they turning sheet music, taking pictures, recording video or managing sound production? What about in the classroom or while reading their favorite book or watching the latest series on NETFLIX? On Cyber Monday we will be featuring the MANOS Universal Tablet Holder! Use AIRTURKEY at checkout.
  • Save up to $12 on everything MANOS!

15% OFF Everything from AirTurn All Weekend!

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15% OFF Everything This Weekend!
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15% OFF Labor Day Sale! 

Use Code AIRTURN15 at checkout from September 2nd - 5th

and receive 15% OFF your entire order. You can use this code in all your newsletters, coupon feeds and social media. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any additional creative.


Android Apps on Google Play

BeatPrompter is a teleprompter/autocue app for song lyrics and/or chords which places a greater emphasis on visibility, timing and rhythm than other similar apps.

By defining such things as beats-per-minute, beats-per-bar, bars-per-line, etc, you can have a greater control over the display, and by knowing that the onscreen text will definitely be in the right place at the right time, BeatPrompter can display each line of the song in as large a font as possible, making it more readable from a greater distance, or for users with imperfect vision. Great for players of guitar, keyboard, mandolin, banjo, whatever, or even just vocalists.

BeatPrompter in action!
Watch How Beat Prompter Works HERE!

Ask Your Customers for Pictures!

We're giving away $10 coupons to all AirTurn Fans that send us pictures of them using our gear!  For every person that sends in a picture, we'll send you a coupon to share with your customers. This is what a rained out concert at Brookfield Zoo looks like in Chicago, IL. Check out Dave Tamkin'sMANOS Universal Tablet Holder, Side Mount, and DUO at his feet.
Have a fantastic Labor Day Weekend and try not to work too hard! Please let us know if I can answer any questions by emailing me at
Thank you for being a part of the AirTurn family! Now Live Exclusively On Affiliate Window

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Affiliate Window is pleased to announce that is now live, exclusively on Affiliate Window.

EdX is the nonprofit online learning destination, founded by Harvard and MIT, that offers high-quality courses from the world's best universities and institutions to learners everywhere. EdX offers more than 900 courses in subjects like computer science, entrepreneurship, data science, business, languages, engineering and more, from more than 90 globally renowned universities and institutions. Anyone, anywhere with a desire to learn and an Internet connection can take high-quality online courses for free on

For a fee, learners can earn certificates to showcase their knowledge and advance their career, secure a better job or highlight on college applications.


Benefits of Joining the Affiliate Program:
  • 10% commission on all sales of certificates
  • 30 day cookie
  • Course Datafeed
  • Dedicated Program Management

Join the affiliate program today!

If you have any questions about the affiliate program, please contact the program manager, Jeannine Crooks, at

Earth Day Deals and Promotions from AirTurn

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How are You Changing the World this April 22nd? 

Looking for something to promote on Earth Day this April? How about showing your readers how much good they could do by using AirTurn to turn digital pages and ditch their paper habit. The average office worker uses approximately 10,000 sheets of paper per year according to the US EPA. It takes one tree to produce half of a box of paper. This means that starting to reduce our paper use by even one box a year, can save 2 trees annually. How many trees do you think you can save this year? By using AirTurn to control your tablet or computer, you can view your sheet music, books, magazines and newspapers; saving an average of 700 pounds of paper products each year.That adds up to approximately 280 trees. Make an effort to save some trees this year. You don't have to wait until April 22nd to make our planet a little greener. 

GoodReader adds AirTurn Functionality! 
GoodReader® is the super-robust PDF reader for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Mashable describes it as "a Swiss Army knife of awesome!" Reviews worldwide hail it as "essential," "the best," "magnificent" and "the killer app". With GoodReader on your iPad/iPhone, you can read virtually anything, anywhere: sheet music, tabs, books, movies, maps, pictures.
We asked GoodReader's founder, Yuri Selukoff, what makes GoodReader special for musicians.
"When it comes to reading sheet music PDFs, GoodReader is the most natural choice. Its powerful and super-stable PDF engine and advanced reading options, like double-page spreads and the ability to easily handle vast collections of files on your iPad, provide you with the reliability and convenience you need when playing a live gig. The only thing that was missing before is the support for Bluetooth page-turning pedals. The last thing a musician needs during a live performance is to break her rhythm just to turn a page on an iPad with a hand. Now, with GoodReader's support for hands-free page-turning devices, musicians can use their hands for what they do best - playing music, rather than interrupting the play to turn a page." Check out GoodReader HERE today and let us know what you think of it.  Offering your readers and fans compatible AirTurn Apps helps improve conversions. The more options they have to utilize AirTurn solutions greatly contributes to your increase in sales each month. Click HERE for a list of more Apps that can be used with AirTurn.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at any time. 

Have a fantastic week.

Thank you,


Dave Tamkin

Are You Sharing Deals to Completely Portable Musicians?
As a Mobile Musician, you need to travel light and make sure that you are using top notch gear. AirTurn is now making this easier for you by offering two bundle packages for the mobile musician and giving you the freedom to perform
The first bundle offers a special deal on the goSTAND and Telescoping Boom. This package works well for both standing and seated musicians and shrinks down to less than 18" and fits in most back packs and carry-ons.
Use code AIRSTAND11 at checkout and receive a 17% savings over products sold separately.
The second bundle consists of the goSTAND and the MANOS UNIVERSAL TABLET MOUNT. You can now have the freedom of this versatile mount on top of the goSTAND for every performance.
Use code AIRMANOS20 and receive a 20% savings over products sold separately.
Click HERE to see our additional bundle deals this week.