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Labor Day Weekend Sale Starts Today!

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The Art of Converting Paper to PDFs

An Excerpt from Hugh Sung's From Paper to Pixels
So you are a musician using paper sheet music that can’t be found in any digital format anywhere on the Internet. Maybe you are working with paper versions that are marked up with precious fingerings and special instructions that are more valuable than the music itself. In that case, you will need to learn the art of a “5th C”: Conversion. By conversion, I mean hardware and software tools used to convert your paper music into digital files that can then be read and worked on in your reading app or program of choice. There are basically three steps in the conversion process:
  1. Scan
  2. Process
  3. Transfer
Let’s take a closer look at each of these steps HERE

Mobile Sheets

The Ultimate Sheet Music Reader
Reading music off of tablets and computers is becoming more and more commonly accepted in the professional music community due to its unrivaled speed and efficiency. MobileSheets is a leading sheet music reader software that frees musicians from having to lug around books and binders and gives the ability to access any score in your library in seconds. MobileSheets recently released a version of their software for Windows 10 Devices that comes with the amazing features of the Android version with a few notable differences. Powerful Features Vast Compatibility Great User Experience

Email me directly if you want a list of all our discount coupons available for the month of September! We have new content to share with your readers as well. Check out the text links to give your readers more info on turning paper to digital files.
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