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Top Tool Tip: Discount Code Tab

Written by Emily P on . Posted in mini feed, News, Update Type

Affiliate Window has a number of great features that you may not be aware of. In the run up to the Holiday season, we will be publishing a series of Top Tool Tips. These tips will allow you to make the most of features such as Create-a-Feed and Content Widgets to benefit from this busy festive season. Top Tool Tip: Discount Code Tab:   Savvy online shoppers have been known to source the internet for online Holiday savings. As a result, there has been a steady demand for  coupon codes. For that reason, retailers are offering publishers the chance to promote  various codes ranging from free shipping to 15% off purchases . Advertisers that offer codes assist you in potentially driving more traffic to your site through an additional promotional activity. Our interface allows you to identify retailers who offer promotional codes as part of their affiliate program. This really is a fantastic tool to quickly populate your site with the best deals. To access the Discount Code tab:
  1. Log into your Affiliate Window profile
  2. Select the ‘Links and Tools’ Tab
  3. Under Promotional select ‘Discount Code’
Within this tab you can access and view all advertisers who currently have a discount code live, this also includes advertisers who you are not joined to. Additionally, you can filter advertisers by the promotional sector and region. To further assist you, this data is available to be downloaded into an excel file. In order to do this click on the small excel icon on the right hand side where you can export this in a csv or xml format. Note: For advertisers who you are not joined to, the code will not be made available. However, you will be allowed to view the details of the code. Instead of the code you will see “****.” To ensure you don’t miss a really great code, plan in advance and make sure you are signed up to all advertisers that you are likely to promote over the Holiday period. If you would like to advertise any promotional codes on your site then please be aware of the expiration  dates. Retailers will often return expired discount codes as failure at checkout and this will not only reflect negatively on your site but it is also against industry best practices. You can find all current US and Canadian offers here.