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AirTurn Digit III: Your Mobile Video and Photo Assistant

How many times have you needed to set-up your phone or tablet to take a photo or video and have had no good solution? How many group photos have just never happened because there was no way to take the photo? The AirTurn Digit III is distinguished by its multi-functionality and ability to complete many different tasks, but more than that, its ability to complete tasks like taking photos and videos exceptionally well.

  • Group Photos
  • DIY Videos
  • Be Your Own Photographer
  • Record Lectures and Concerts
  • Utilize the goSTAND & MANOS Universal Tablet Holder

Share our latest article featuring the DIGIT III with your readers and fans and add your affiliate link. Check out our newest DIGIT III video below as well. Perfect for the photographers in your life.

Read the DIGIT III Article HERE

Increase Commissions this Week!

Every month we try to offer new ways to introduce AirTurn solutions to your readers. In addition to the new articles we will be releasing, here are a few promotions to share with your readers that are good from now until OCT 31st!

Save with Bundles HERE

QUAD for the Android Lovers

Have you seen how many Android apps our pedals and hand held controllers are compatible with? Your readers can use AirTurn devices for teleprompter apps, guitar tabs, digital book apps, tuners, backing tracks, video camera sections, edits and more. See below for a full list!

Android Apps HERE
AirTurn Digit III: Video and Photo Remote Control
The Digit III is an affordable and portable device for wirelessly controlling your iOS device whether you're taking videos, giving presentations, or capturing performances.
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