Start Promoting and Earn Commissions This Thanksgiving Weekend

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AirTurn's Thanksgiving Sale Starts Today!

WED, NOV 22nd is the start of our Thanksgiving Sale. You can use coupon: "AIRTURKEY" at checkout and receive 20% OFF the entire store until midnight on Cyber Monday, 11/27/17.  

On Black Friday we will be featuring all our DUO and PEDpro wireless Bluetooth pedals. Code "AIRTURKEY" will give you 20% OFF!

Save $20 on the DUO
Save $14 on the PEDpro

Buy One Get One Half OFF

On Saturday, NOV 25th, we'll be promoting 25% OFF the new DIGIT III. Use code "DIGIT25" at checkout and receive a $20 savings when you add an additional DIGIT III to your shopping cart. Take control of your tablet, smartphone or computer from a distance. The DIGIT III is great for taking pictures, turning digital pages, moving slides or triggering any Bluetooth compatible actions.
Use Coupon Code "DIGIT25" HERE
Click the above video to see all the different ways you can use a DIGIT III
The STOMP 6 provides dozens of ways to control your performance wirelessly through Bluetooth with its 6 industrial grade footswitches and full-metal enclosure. Plug into your pedal board and connect to your favorite apps that support AirTurn products. Save over $25 all weekend long HERE!

20% OFF Your New Tablet Holder

How do you hold your tablet? What do you use your tablet for? Are you turning sheet music, taking pictures, recording video or managing sound production? What about in the classroom or while reading your favorite book or watching the latest series on NETFLIX? Grab the MANOS Universal Tablet Holder and type in "AIRTURKEY" at checkout and SAVE 20%!
Please let me know if I can answer any questions by emailing me at I'm happy to build out any new creatives that you might need or deep link certain landing pages that might work best for you and your audience. Thank you for being a part of the AirTurn family! Happy Thanksgiving, Dave Tamkin

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