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Start Promoting and Earn Commissions This Thanksgiving Weekend

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AirTurn's Thanksgiving Sale Starts Today!

WED, NOV 22nd is the start of our Thanksgiving Sale. You can use coupon: "AIRTURKEY" at checkout and receive 20% OFF the entire store until midnight on Cyber Monday, 11/27/17.  

On Black Friday we will be featuring all our DUO and PEDpro wireless Bluetooth pedals. Code "AIRTURKEY" will give you 20% OFF!

Save $20 on the DUO
Save $14 on the PEDpro

Buy One Get One Half OFF

On Saturday, NOV 25th, we'll be promoting 25% OFF the new DIGIT III. Use code "DIGIT25" at checkout and receive a $20 savings when you add an additional DIGIT III to your shopping cart. Take control of your tablet, smartphone or computer from a distance. The DIGIT III is great for taking pictures, turning digital pages, moving slides or triggering any Bluetooth compatible actions.
Use Coupon Code "DIGIT25" HERE
Click the above video to see all the different ways you can use a DIGIT III
The STOMP 6 provides dozens of ways to control your performance wirelessly through Bluetooth with its 6 industrial grade footswitches and full-metal enclosure. Plug into your pedal board and connect to your favorite apps that support AirTurn products. Save over $25 all weekend long HERE!

20% OFF Your New Tablet Holder

How do you hold your tablet? What do you use your tablet for? Are you turning sheet music, taking pictures, recording video or managing sound production? What about in the classroom or while reading your favorite book or watching the latest series on NETFLIX? Grab the MANOS Universal Tablet Holder and type in "AIRTURKEY" at checkout and SAVE 20%!
Please let me know if I can answer any questions by emailing me at I'm happy to build out any new creatives that you might need or deep link certain landing pages that might work best for you and your audience. Thank you for being a part of the AirTurn family! Happy Thanksgiving, Dave Tamkin

AirTurn Introduces the New PEDpro, New Artists & eBook

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Introducing AirTurn's New PEDpro!

The PEDpro is ready to go to work as soon as you take it out of the box. Just connect to your Bluetooth 4.0 phone, tablet or computer and select a compatible app to control your device hands free! No more purchasing batteries as the PEDpro comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts 150 hours on a charge and will recharge with a standard wall charger that comes with your phone or tablet. For the customer who wants more control over response times, repeat functions, or would like to customize their own signals, the AirTurn Manager for iOS can adjust all this over the air. Need to update the firmware down the road? You can do that too!


• The PEDpro works with hundreds of apps for reading music, scrolling lyrics or guitar tabs, teleprompting, slide presentations, instrument effects or media control, and many more.** • Configurations are also available for assistive technology and desktop applications. • Two silent foot switches for fast and quiet response. • Six easy to change modes for different uses - PED App Direct mode available with many apps supports the full virtual keyboard in iOS. • Bluetooth status LED & low battery status LED. • Custom programming available with free MAC Utility app. • Light weight, thin profile - less than .7” (1.9cm) tall. -  Easy to carry 4” x 6” (10x15cm). • Lithium Polymer battery lasts 150 hours on a charge. • One year warranty (battery also) includes phone and email support. Free Ground Shipping in the Continental US! *iPAD 3 and newer, Galaxy 4 and newer and all tablets and computers supporting Bluetooth 4.0.
** for a complete listing of available apps

Paper to Pixels

Getting Started with Digital Sheet Music 
Here is an excerpt from Hugh Sung's book Paper to Pixels : Chapter 4 Let's get down to business. You are nervous, a little daunted, but nonetheless convinced that it’s time to go digital. Been there, done that, so I think I know what questions you’re probably asking right now. – Which tablet, smart phone or computer is right for me? – How do I get music into my device? – What programs do I need? – Besides a tablet, smartphone or computer, what other equipment will I need? – Given the rate at which technology changes, how can I be sure that the equipment I invest in won’t be obsolete within a few years? Let’s address the last question first... Read the rest of the chapter HERE
AirTurn Affiliates, please swing by your account and check out the new banners for the new PEDpro and newly priced PED. We're happy to make any custom banners you may need as well. Email me at if you have any questions.
Thank you for being a part of the AirTurn family!

goSTAND On The Go

Meet Full Time Musician: Ben Hammond
National touring artist, Ben Hammond has been active in the studio, producing 3 full length albums (10,000 independently sold and counting), multiple music videos, and a live concert DVD "Solo at Stone Mountain Arts Center". Thousands of shows later at hundreds of venues, festivals and private events, Hammond has honed his smooth, energetic style and is one of the most sought after musicians in those places he's called home.
Basically, my wife and I share a car, and so I have been taking public transit to some of my gigs that have a PA installed. I've got a great little portable setup with a rolling suitcase, but the missing piece was the mic stand, and the goSTAND was the perfect solution. I like using a goose-neck, and generally I have an iPad holder near the top and also a little arm bar that comes off to hold my small Rolls amp. Now, with the portable goSTAND, I can take planes, trains or automobiles and have everything I need for my gig. - Ben Hammond

Happy Mother's Day Gifts from AirTurn

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Happy Mother's Day from AirTurn
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Happy Mother's Day on May 14th!


Did You Find the Perfect Gift?

Perfect for the mom that needs to keep her hands free while playing her instrument, holding her tablet on stage, at the office or even while cooking with the family!

Use code MOM10 and receive 10% OFF the perfect mother's day gift from AirTurn!

Deal ends, Sunday May 14th!

  • Pre-order the new DIGIT III for Mom's working hard in the corporate world and want to control the next presentation from the palm of their hand!
  • When is the next time your Mom needs to rock? Pick up all our new goSTANDSMANOS Universal Tablet HolderDUO and PED Bluetooth tablet/computer/smartphone controllers for 10% OFF!
  • Pick up the Desk Mount with MANOS Tablet Holder for the Mom that needs a second screen at her desk or wants to use her tablet in the kitchen while the family cooks together.
  • The perfect solutions to keep your hands on what matters most in your life!
You're Mother's Day Gift Here!

New BSTOCK Just Arrived

We just revived a shipment of gear that was used at the most recent conventions around the world. Enter BSTOCK 20 at checkout and receive 20% off refurbished Digit's, PEDs and DUOs. We even found some BT-105s that work like brand new pedals. Pick one up this weekend for a 70% SAVINGS! 
Please let me know if I can answer any questions by emailing me at
Thank you for being a part of the AirTurn family!

Meet Jesse Garland

A distinguished artist, this dynamic singer, related to Judy Garland, has a voice that soars and holds the same magic as her famous bloodline.  Her songs rooted in jazz and blues take the classics in new directions while bringing in sounds from today constantly pushing the music to the edge.

Attending a Jesse Garland Project show takes you through a night filled with songs of all of the greats such as Judy Garland, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Adele and even Nine Inch Nails.  You will find yourself entranced with the emotional performance and fresh sound of all of the standards you love. Be sure to catch a Jesse Garland show. You might find her soon, somewhere over the rainbow

"I really love the AirTurn Manos.  It allows me the flexibility to position my iPad in the right angle regardless of my setup.  I love the low profile as well so I can keep a clean stage and keep my eyes on the audience!  I really couldn't do a show without my AirTurn Manos!   --Jesse Garland, April 2017"

Happy Valentine's Day from AirTurn

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Happy Valentine's Day! 

Are you looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift? Help the musician in your life get from gig to gig with AirTurn's portable and compactable mic stands and universal tablet holders. 

Use code LOVE14 at checkout and receive 14% OFF the goSTAND, BOOM, MANOS Universal Tablet Holder and Sidekick stands! This deal is available until February 14th!
Give The Perfect Gift!
AirTurn & Ultimate Guitar!
Tab HD & Tab PRO now work with AirTurn Pedals. Go to your account settings and look under MIDI Controller. While the pedal is connected to your smart device, tap SCROLL TAB UP under MIDI MAPPING and then hit the pedal you want to control that function. You can then do the same with SCROLL TAB DOWN.
If you need support or have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at
I'm happy to help!
Meet String Specialist, Ellen Angelico!
Ellen Angelico is a Chicago-born, Nashville-based utility player, specializing in stringed instruments. You can find her playing with a number of bands across the nation. With an ever-changing song list she keeps her notes and setlists on her tablet, next to her pedals and controls the page turns with the AirTurn DUO. Check out her videos HERE!

Save 50% on OnSong In-App Upgrades

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Give the Gift of OnSong
Looking for a gift for the musician in your life or to treat yourself? OnSong is the gift that fits perfectly into any stocking or gift card! 
Thursday, November 24th through Monday, November 28th, OnSong is offering some pretty amazing deals that you do not want to miss! Save 50% OFF in-app purchases in OnSong. 
You can save an additional 25% OFF off the cost of OnSong during this time as well. Here is a little video to show you how you can GIFT OnSong this holiday season. NO COUPON CODE NEEDED!   
Get weekly tips and tricks, see what we're up to and receive other app updates on the Official OnSong Facebook Page
Do You Love OnSong?
Tell others by rating and reviewing us on the App Store.
Are you stuck or frustrated? Let us know!We want to help with our world-class support team.
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The OnSong Crew

15% OFF Everything from AirTurn All Weekend!

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15% OFF Everything This Weekend!
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15% OFF Labor Day Sale! 

Use Code AIRTURN15 at checkout from September 2nd - 5th

and receive 15% OFF your entire order. You can use this code in all your newsletters, coupon feeds and social media. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any additional creative.


Android Apps on Google Play

BeatPrompter is a teleprompter/autocue app for song lyrics and/or chords which places a greater emphasis on visibility, timing and rhythm than other similar apps.

By defining such things as beats-per-minute, beats-per-bar, bars-per-line, etc, you can have a greater control over the display, and by knowing that the onscreen text will definitely be in the right place at the right time, BeatPrompter can display each line of the song in as large a font as possible, making it more readable from a greater distance, or for users with imperfect vision. Great for players of guitar, keyboard, mandolin, banjo, whatever, or even just vocalists.

BeatPrompter in action!
Watch How Beat Prompter Works HERE!

Ask Your Customers for Pictures!

We're giving away $10 coupons to all AirTurn Fans that send us pictures of them using our gear!  For every person that sends in a picture, we'll send you a coupon to share with your customers. This is what a rained out concert at Brookfield Zoo looks like in Chicago, IL. Check out Dave Tamkin'sMANOS Universal Tablet Holder, Side Mount, and DUO at his feet.
Have a fantastic Labor Day Weekend and try not to work too hard! Please let us know if I can answer any questions by emailing me at
Thank you for being a part of the AirTurn family!

Summer Deals from AirTurn

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We Have Our Winner and Thanks to You! 

Kunio Ouellette is our grand prize winner! We've already sent out the Gig and Go and you'll be receiving your AirTurn Backpack shortly.Onsong will be contacting the 9 other winners to receive a free app.  

Thank you to everyone that helped spread the word about the contest. We would like to give everyone a$10 OFF coupon to say thanks. UseAIR10 at checkout until AUG 31st. Here are some other Summer Deals that are good to AUG 31st as well. Snag them while you can! 20% OFF BSTOCK : Type inBSTOCK20 for 20% OFF all our BStock Gear while supplies last. BUNDLE UP HERE: Have you seen our bundle page? Get huge discounts when you combing pedals, stands and tablet holders HERE! $10 TEESHIRT : Enter AIRTEE5 at checkout and get $5 OFFour newest Tee Shirt made out of awesomeness! FREE TEE SHIRT: Spend over $100 on your next order and get a FREE Tee Shirt. Use FREETEE at checkout and make sure your Tee Shirt is added to the cart.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us're always happy to help! Please send us pictures of you using your AirTurn gear and we'll help promote your music project on Facebook & Twitter! How do you use AirTurn solutions? Thank you, Your AirTurn Team
Enter BSTOCK20 at Checkout for 20% OFF Your Order! 
Learn More
As fall approaches, work accelerates on the new AirTurn Headquarters. We hope to be moved in by Thanksgiving!
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AirTurn Reveals Hidden Discounts & Increases Publisher Payouts!

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AirTurn Reveals Hidden Discounts & Increases Publisher Payouts!

Did you know that there is a hidden discount when you buy multiple AirTurn products?

This comes in handy when the whole band needs AirTurn DUOs and portable goSTANDS or the choir needs MANOS Tablet Holders.

Look just beneath the red

ADD TO CART button for this hidden savings. Let all your readers and customers know as we'll be increasing payouts by 5% for publishers that reach more than $500.00 in sales for the first time during the month of April.

AirTurn Goes to Musikmesse!
Musikmesse in Frankfurt is the international trade fair for musical instruments, sheet music, music production and marketing. AirTurn will be in booth 8.0.G58 April 7 - 10th. Power Music will be doing demos from the 7th - 9th. With over 30,000 instruments shown in seven exhibition halls, make sure to link to our Musikmesse AirTurn page so you can easily find us!
Learn More

If you need support or have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at
I'm happy to help! Thank you, Dave Tamkin
AirTurn DUO

JamUp XT comes with 1 amp and 6 effects. JamUp Pro XT adds 6 amps and 16 stomp-box and premium rack effects - including distortion, compression, tape delay, tremolo and spring reverb. Both JamUp XT and JamUp Pro XT include Jam player, phrase sampler, ToneSharing, preset manager, 8-track recorder (optional), live-view, tuner and metronome. Control JamUp's amp and effects with the AirTurn QUAD!
Learn More

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Happy Valentine's Day & New iBook & Kindle App

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AirTurn Pedals Work with

iBook & Kindle!

It's that time of the year when love is in the air. You'll also find it in AirTurn. Are you looking for the perfect gift idea? Does the person you love read books on their Kindle or iBook? Do they need help turning pages while in the kitchen and their hands are busy making your favorite dish? My Dad uses his PED while he cooks new recipes all the time! 

Just in time for Valentine's Day, AirTurn is now compatible with iBooksand The Kindle  and any other app that allows you to swipe pages. By simply adding a new switch under settings, you can turn pages and "Move to Next Item" without ever touching your screen. Pick up a gift certificate today and surprise the one you love.

Or maybe it's time you treat yourself to something nice...

Say hello @

Newzik is the new sheet music reader app on iPad and iPhone that allows all musicians to read and manage PDFs, Lyrics and Chords and MusicXML scores as well as audio and video files. Import, organize, transpose, annotate, synchronize and of course... turn the page with your AirTurn pedal.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at any time. 

Thank you,

Dave Tamkin    

Have You Heard
Miguel Hernandez?
Miguel Hernandez was born in San Cristóbal, Venezuela, and resides in Miami - Florida. He has been categorized as one of the best venezuelan drummers. He has paved his own way, winning over some of the most exponential jazz, pop, latin rock and fusion music drummers in the industry.
In 2012, he graduated and got his Bachelors in Biblical Art Musicals with a focus on Instrumental Execution on Drums. In 2013, he launched his first discographic production from MIGUEL HERNÁNDEZ PROJECT, titled“Afrovenezuelan Jazz Standards”.



Let AirTurn Hold Your Tablet in 2016

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Happy New Years from AirTurn!

We would like to thank each and everyone of you for supporting AirTurn and our solutions for musicians, presenters and educators. We promise to continue to keep you in mind with every new invention, tool & solution that comes from our AirTurn line.
With your feedback we have successfully made it easier to use our wireless pedal controllers, stands and tablet holders while providing top of the line technology and materials.
We look forward to bringing you new ideas and value to more AirTurn solutions in 2016!
Thank you and Happy New Years from the AirTurn Team!

Say hello @

Let Us Hold Your Tablet!
Have you seen our new Desktop Clamp for Mics and Tablet Holders?   Use it in your studio, office or kitchen.  Swing by the AirTurn Store to find out more about the dimensions and what this unique solution is made out of.  The Desktop Clamp easily attaches to our MANOS Universal Tablet Holder as well. The Manos easily expands to hold tablets as large as the new iPad Pro! Check Out the MANOS Tablet Holder & Desktop Clamp Combo HERE


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at any time. 

Have a Happy New Year!

Thank you,

Dave Tamkin

goSTAND is Only $49 until January 10th!

If you're a traveling musician or performer, or simply have to take your mic stand to every gig, carrying a mic stand has always been an awkward task.

The goSTAND & BOOMfolds down to less than 18" when fully folded and fits in most back packs and carry-ons. With extend-able legs, the goSTAND will hold stable on a variety of uneven surfaces for the off road musician. 

SAVE 17% on the goSTAND & SAVE 35% on the portable BOOM attachment. You'll SAVE even more when you buy them together!

Click HERE for more information on the goSTAND SALE



Promote New Fall Collection from Capturing Couture Today!

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We would like to introduce Capturing Couture's ultimate Camera Backpack Collection!
Stay savvy with our new backpack, designed especially for the Fashionista photographer who lives geek chic and isn't without her camera! We developed a collection that features lush exterior tapestry patterns and intricate prints. Our new Camera Backpacks feature fully lined interiors with cushioned padding to keep your camera equipment safe. Additional convenience features such as stash pockets for keys, phones, and secured zipper pockets truly make these bags your "go to" for any occasion! 
Be a part of a select few to launch our new Camera Backpacks 
through our affiliate campaign today.
Promote with code: CCGSHOP25 for 25% OFF this October
Promote with code CCCSHOP20 for 20% OFF this October
Promote the new styles and colors for the fall season from Capturing Couture
Did you know that Capturing Couture is the only company that makes Scarf Guitar Straps? Our *EXCLUSIVE* Scarf Guitar Straps are the freshest idea around. Unique and highly on-trend, this fall collection has already captured the love of our sponsored artists and we hope to capture the interest of your loyal readers. Promote code: CCGSHOP25 for 25% OFF our fall collection.
We've also added new accessories to our Pet Collection. Please see below for October promotions. If you have any questions, please email Dave Tamkin at
Promotion runs until Oct 31st, 2015 at Midnight 
Click HERE for hot savings on our SALE'S RACK!

Promote CCPSHOP20 for 20% OFF all Pet Accessories 
Promote CCHSHOP20 for 20% OFF all Horse Halters 
Promote CCPSHOP20 for 20% OFF all Pet Accessories

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20% OFF Labor Day Sale from AirTurn is Exactly What You Need

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 AirTurn's LABOR DAY SALE!  


until Monday, September 7th at Midnight.

Have you seen the goSTAND Gig and Go video yet? If not, check it out right now! Just click on the video to your right. 


Every mobile musician needs a mic or tablet stand that is easy to carry around in a backpack and set up at a moment's notice. You already carry around your digital sheet music in your tablet, instrument on your back, why not have your portable goSTAND with you as well? 

Today through Labor Day Weekend; Monday, September 7th, we're giving you 20% OFF the portable goSTAND and/or goSTAND BOOM Bundle. Make every gig a breeze and enter GOSTAND20 at checkout when you pick up your goSTAND today. 

More details at

More Bassists are Turning to Technology! 

More bassists are turning to techonolgy to manage their music at gigs. There are several popular apps that let you use your iPad or tablet to display your charts. To keep your hands on the bass instead of the tablet, you're going to need to have a reliable Bluetooth footswitch in y our gig bag...

Bass player, John Kuhlman writes a review for the PED in this month's issue of BASS MUSICIAN MAGAZINE. 

Check out the article HERE.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at any time. 

Have a great week!

Thank you,

Dave Tamkin

The Gig 'N Go

Bundle Video

SAVE 20% on AirTurn's most popular collection of bestselling solutions for all musicians! 
We've combined the DUO, portable goSTAND with boom, and the MANOS mount with side arm. The DUO will work with any Bluetooth Tablet or iPad.



Back to School Deals from AirTurn!

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 Back to School 

with AirTurn! 

SAVE 10% OFF Starting AUG 18th!

School is back in session and we want to make sure you are prepared to tackle all the new music ahead of you. Keep your eyes on the music and your hands on your instrument! 

Use code AIRB2S10 at checkout and receive 10% OFF the whole AirTurn store!

This offer starts Tuesday, AUG 18th and goes until AUG 23rd. We look forward to helping you make this school year your best year yet! 

Do you have your tablet secure with our Universal Manos Mount? It will hold your Smartphone and your tablet. What about a portable tablet stand that fits in your backpack? 

Our goSTAND will have you prepaired to perform in every classroom setting. Are you able to turn the pages of your digital sheet music without taking your hands off your instrument while practicing? 

The PED wireless foot controller controls your tablet while you practice and improve technique, site reading and exacution. *Works on Bluetooth Smart Ready Tablets and iPad 3 and above.

AirTurn is Helping Drummers Keep the Beat this Summer! 

NEW and Improved AirTurn TAP is HERE!

So what if you're a drummer and your hands and feet are busy? The AirTurn TAP provides a piezo interface that takes a tap from a finger or drum stick to trigger an event such as a page turn, sound effect, metronome, light show, set-list, backing track and bass player tempo controls!

Using all the same features as the BT-106 series transceiver, the TAP brings easy-to-use page turning and events to drummers and other active percussion players.

Comes with all mounting hardware to mount on any post up to 1.5 inches in diameter. Position can be set at any angle and height.

We've also partnered with Roland's BT - 1 for a single or double switch control. You can contact us if you have more ideas for a piezo pad control to command your tablet or iPad.

Find out more about Roland's BT-1 HERE!


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at any time. 

Have a great week!

Thank you,

Dave Tamkin

The Gig 'N Go

Bundle Video

SAVE 20% on AirTurn's most popular collection of bestselling solutions for all musicians! 
We've combined the DUO, portable goSTAND with boom, and the MANOS mount with side arm. The DUO will work with any Bluetooth Tablet or iPad.



The AirTurn PED is Back and Spring Cleaning Sale!

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AirTurn's Spring Cleaning Sale

Starts Today! 

Take advantage of this Spring Cleaning Sale by pointing your affiliates to our B-Stock page. You have until April 30th before we end these deals or the items SELL OUT. Use BSTOCK20 at checkout and save today!

PED Delivery Starts
April 22nd! 
Due to the demand of the new AirTurn PED we had to triple production to keep up with all the orders. We are getting caught up and will start shipping orders on Wednesday, April 22nd. 
We also took some time to capture a short 30 second video. Please click HERE to check it out. We'd love to hear your feedback.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at any time. 

Have a great week!

Thank you,


Dave Tamkin